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Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes Plugin

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Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes Plugin
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With Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes easily create unique color schemes for your WordPress administration panel and adjust to your preferences….


Version – 1.43

Description :

With Baltic Amber Admin Themes & Schemes you can:

  • create your own colour scheme by specifying only two base colours,
  • have the theme colours change randomly every time you reload the page, or at any time interval you choose,
  • use one of the administration themes which slightly alter/improve the positioning of different administration panel elements, like the main navigation, dashboard information and the plugin listing. There are eight basic colour options available or you can specify your own base colours by choosing ‘My Colour Theme’, or use the random colour theme generator.
  • place ‘Tag’ and ‘Category’ selection in two columns right after the text editor in the ‘Write Post’ panel. This option can be enabled for every admin theme, including the default ones.

Baltic Amber vs. the default admin theme

  • Uses relative em values instead of pixels for defining element dimensions and sizes, thus making the whole interface scalable to your own preference.
  • Baltic Amber themes improve the scanability of the plugin list by replacing the darker background colour with a green ribbon on the side for the activated plugins.

Compatibility with the drop-down menu plugins

As many of you prefer to replace the main navigation with a drop-down alternative, here are the admin menu plugins that have been tested to work with Amber Themes:

  1. Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu (2.1) by Ozh,
  2. Drop Down Admin Menus (2.5.3) by Andy Staines

Installation :

  1. Download the plugin and unzip its content.
  2. Upload the baltic-amber directory to /wp-content/plugins/ directory. The final directory tree should look like /wp-content/plugins/baltic-amber/baltic-amber.php
  3. Activate the plugin at the Plugin Management section under ‘Plugins’ menu.
  4. Colour Scheme and Theme selection in Your Profile Go to your User Profile (under ‘Users’ > ‘Your Profile’ or by clicking on your name at the top right corner of the administration panel).
  5. Choose either Random Color scheme or My Color scheme, or one of the admin themes that you would like to use in the Admin Color Scheme section and click ‘Update Profile’.
  6. If you decide to use either the Random Colour or the My Colour theme, configuration options are available under ‘User’ > ‘Baltic Amber Colour Settings’.
  7. ‘Realign Category and Tag selection as columns in the New Post panel’ option can be enabled under ‘User’ > ‘Baltic Amber Colour Settings’

Screenshots :

  1. baltic-amber-admin-themes-and-schemes screenshot 1Spring Theme
  2. baltic-amber-admin-themes-and-schemes screenshot 2Write Post screen in Spring
  3. baltic-amber-admin-themes-and-schemes screenshot 3Color options in Your Profile
  4. baltic-amber-admin-themes-and-schemes screenshot 4Baltic Amber Configuration Screen
  5. baltic-amber-admin-themes-and-schemes screenshot 5Baltic Amber theme with ‘Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu’ plugin
  6. baltic-amber-admin-themes-and-schemes screenshot 6Baltic Amber theme with ‘Drop Down Admin Menus’ plugin

Other Notes :


  • 1.42: Fixed Press This navigation tabs.
  • 1.4: Added style for “press this” pop-up window (2.6 feature).
  • 1.33: Added support for WordPress 2.6 Beta (changes in plugin view and dashboard)
  • 1.3: Added far future expire date if colours are cached; fixed spelling in settings page.
  • 1.2: Added a colour picker using the fantastic Farbtastic jQuery plugin developed by Steven Wittens; improved colour generation rules; added a bit darker shade of colour for Write Post drop down header backgrounds; Placed colour in a sub array under options.
Detail Here: –
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