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Chat with your own theme, RumbleTalk Plugin

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Add a chat with your own design theme to match your website look and feel……………

Click Here To Download

Version – 1.0.1


RumbleTalk chat plugin lets users choose their own chat theme from a variety of ready made themes and even allows website owners to design their own chat theme. It is the fastest way to add a unique free and fully functional chat to your blog or website.


  • Create your own chat theme.
  • The chat can be accessed from anywhere, Laptop Smart phones and Tablets. Stay in contact with your community.
  • Single sign-on lets users who already have a Facebook account to automatically login to the chat.
  • Let chatters share the talk on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Manage as many chats as you like, all in one account.
  • Spam filter (create a black listed words or sentences).
  • Users management. Control who can chat (ban, delete).
  • Control the access of your audience. Define moderators and rolls.
  • Archive your chat, Save log of your chat history (for premium version).
Author: yanir


First, Get your chat code:

  1. Enter your email & choose a password at
  2. Then click on the “Get Chat Code” and get the code for wordpress.

Second, Install the Plugin:

  1. Upload the rumbletalk-chat directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click ‘Settings’ and then ‘RumbleTalk chat’
  4. Add a the chat code. (Optional – Enter the chat width and height e.g 400 x 300)

Add the chat to your chosen page:

  1. Use the phrase ‘[rumbletalk-chat]’ in your posts text (you can do it in visual mode, no need to switch to HTML view) in order to position the chat widget exactly where you need it.

Full instructions can be found:



  1. rumbletalk-chat-a-chat-with-themes screenshot 1An example of a chat skin/theme with bubbles chat.
  2. rumbletalk-chat-a-chat-with-themes screenshot 2Another example of a chat skin/theme with a framed chat.
  3. rumbletalk-chat-a-chat-with-themes screenshot 3Admin panel with various chats for different pages in your websites or different domains.
  4. rumbletalk-chat-a-chat-with-themes screenshot 4Design panel that let you change your own chat.

Detail Here:

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