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Flexible Recent Posts Plugin

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Displays recent posts using flexible template system. Define template for each post entry, set needed taxonomy and much more….


Version – 1.0.0

Description :

Flexible Recent Posts (FRP) plugin gives you possibility to add widget to your blog with recent posts using user-defined template.

The main features are:

  • Template for each post in widget. You can write your HTML-template or overwrite default in widget form.
  • Shortcodes support in template. You can use built-in shortcodes to insert info related to current post in widget: title, featured image, excerpt, date, permalink.
  • Restrict terms from which you want to display posts. Display posts from all terms or from selected only.
  • Number of posts to display. Set number of latest posts that will be displayed in widget.
  • All posts links. Select option to display link near the title or/and after all posts that will open selected posts category page. Set link title or custom link URL.

Useful links:


Installation :

  1. Upload flexible-recent-posts folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to wp-admin/widgets.php page, move Flexible Recent Posts widget to any sidebar and change its defaults

Screenshots :

  1. flexible-recent-posts screenshot 1Widget options form
  2. flexible-recent-posts screenshot 2Widget on frontend

Other Notes :


Plugin template system supports 5 shortcodes related to current widget post, that you can use in your template:

Title [frp_title]

Displays post title.

Example: <h4>[frp_title]</h4>

Excerpt [frp_excerpt]

Displays post excerpt using get_the_excerpt function.

Example: <div>[frp_excerpt]</div>

Date [frp_date format=”F j, Y” time_since=”0″]

Displays post date. You can add format shortcode parameter to change date format. Read about format value here. Add time_since parameter with 1 as value to display amount of elapsed time: 30 seconds ago, 5 minutes ago, 12 hours ago, 3 Jun.

Example: <div>[frp_date format="Y/m/d g:i:s A"]</div>, <div>[frp_date time_since="1"]</div>

Link [frp_link]

Displays post permalink.

Example: <a href="[frp_link]">read more</a>

Featured image [frp_thumbnail size=”32×32″]

Displays featured post image. Add size shortcode parameter to change image size. You can define size using WIDTHxHEIGHT as value or size name (built-in or defined in theme).

Examples: [frp_thumbnail], [frp_thumbnail size="thumbnail"], [frp_thumbnail size="128x128"], [frp_thumbnail size="full"]

Author [frp_author link=”1″]

Displays name of the post’s author. Set link parameter to 0 if you want to disable link (author’s site) from author name.

Examples: [frp_author], [frp_author link="1"], [frp_author link="0"]

Detail Here: –

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