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MyCaptcha Plugin

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Allows you to display a captcha on your comment form to avoid spam…


Version –

Description :

Allows you to display a captcha on your comment form to avoid spam.

Several choices of captcha style plus a random option.

Look and Feel totally compliant with WordPress 2.5

Requires GD php extension.

Supported languages : English, French (.pot provided)

Tested on Firefox2, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3.1 (Windows XP)

Installation :

First ! & Important Stuff !

  1. Add the following code at the FIRST line of your favorite theme(s) ‘single.php’ file(s) :

    initialize(); } // ?>

1. Add the following code in your favorite theme(s) ‘comment.php’ file(s) (usually before the comment textarea) :

    if (class_exists('MyCaptcha')) 
            global $MyCaptcha;
        Enter this code   <!-- or any text that fits you -->
        <?php $MyCaptcha->comment_form(); ?><br>
        <input type="text" name="securitycode" id="securitycode" size="30" />

Installing The Plugin

Extract all files from the ZIP file, making sure to keep the file structure intact, and then upload it to /wp-content/plugins/ .

This should result in the following file structure:

- wp-content
    - plugins
          - MyCaptcha
            | MyCaptcha.php
            | readme.txt
            | screenshot-1.jpg
            | screenshot-2.jpg
            | screenshot-3.jpg

            - lang
                 | MyCaptcha.pot
                 | MyCaptcha-fr_FR.po

            - php
                 | settings.php

                 - crypt
                      | cryptographp.php
                      | cryptographp.fct.php

                      - cfg
                          - bluesky
                          - colornumber
                          - default
                          - frenchcancan
                          - gray
                          - paradise
                          - pencil
                          - xcolor

                      - fonts
                          | Alanden_.ttf
                          | Batavia_.ttf
                          | Bragga.ttf
                          | bsurp___.ttf
                          | ELECHA__.TTF
                          | JOKEWOOD.ttf
                          | LCD-BOLD.ttf
                          | lucon.ttf
                          | luggerbu.ttf
                          | php fonts.php
                          | RASCAL__.TTF
                          | SCRAWL.TTF
                          | WAVY.TTF

All MyCaptcha/php/crypt/cfg/”sub-folders” should have the following structure (here with ‘bluesky’ folder).

- bluesky
      | cryptographp.cfg.php
      | exemple.png
      | lisezmoi.txt
      | readme.txt          (we read this for you, part of cryptographp library)

      - fonds               (optionnal, 'fonds' means 'background' in french)

See Also: “Installing Plugins” article on the WP Codex

Visit your admin area and activate the plugin.

Settings > MyCaptcha

  • Save your settings …
  • Enjoy !

Other Notes :

Log 2008/04/20 independant from folder name plugin 2008/04/17 display bug for random option in settings

2.5 2008/04/17 first release

Next features

Any new idea or code improvement can be posted at :

Detail Here: –
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