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Post 2 Peer Widget Plugin

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Allows to exchange and share post links + thumbnails across WordPress blogs, based on matching tags and categories…..


Version – 0.2.0

Description :

A widget that permits blogmasters to share and exchange links to their posts based on common taxonomy, across their blogs (ie. posts having the same tags or categories). Each link is automatically associated to a thumbnail image.

Share your posts!

This WordPress plugin installs a new sidebar widget that can display links to relevant posts on other WordPress blogs with automatic thumbnail images. The links are chosen based on common language and taxonomy (ie posts in the same language having the same tag(s) or category). The plugin uses cache to avoid multiple database and RSS query. It has its own widget control pannel. The look & feel of the post2peer widget is very close to its cousin, the YD Recent Posts Widget.

Please visit the YD Post2Peer Widget plugin support site and the open posts directory to get more info on the Post2Peer project and what’s it’s all about.

Why share you posts?

By using this plugin, you will automagically allow all your posts to be registered in the Post2Peer database (this uses you regular WordPress rss feed, plus a special crawler to generate thumbnails for every post). Once your posts are in the database, they will be elligible to be displayed as links on other person’s blogs (those using the plugin). Because the link selection algorithm is based on you posts’ taxonomy (tags and categories), links to your posts get to be displayed in a relevant context. This should draw new visitors to your site and improve your SEO. The inclusion in the directory is an added bonus, immediately generating deep backlinks to your site’s posts.

Why display links to other’s blog posts?

By enabling the Post2Peer plugin, you are able to present you site’s visitor with up-to-date, real-time info relevant to the subject the visitor is currently browsing. The links you display will very probably complement the info in your own post, so it is a way to position your site as a comprehensive reference on the given subject. The Post2Peer widget is like an enhanced RSS widget that will display relevant content agregated from a wide database of other WordPress blogs that publish similarly focused features. The fact that the content is always presented in a visual way (with a small thumbnail image next to each link) adds to the visual attractiveness of your page.

It’s fun!

Based on a peer-to-peer concept, the whole process will increase in quality and eventually grow to a wide community of bloggers supporting each other by automatically exchanging relevant links to posts across blogs. Even in the early stage of its deployment, this plugin is fun because it may link blog posts together in a way that you would never have expected.

Active support

Drop me a line on my YD Post2Peer Widget plugin support site to report bugs, ask for specific feature or improvement, or just tell me how you’re using the plugin. It’s still in an early development stage, with new features coming out on a regular basis.

Installation :

  1. Unzip
  2. Upload the post2peer-widget directory and all its contents into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Use the widget admin page to add the widget to one of your sidebars and configure it (most important: choose your blog’s language!)

Screenshots :

Allows to exchange and share post links + thumbnails across WordPress blogs, based on matching tags and categories.

Other Notes :

Widget control pannel

The widget has its own control pannel for setting-up its look and feel. You can administer it from the widgets admin page.


0.1.0 Initial beta release

Did you like it?

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